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The only tool you'll ever need for temporary workforce management

Complete solution for short-term work organization.

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We intimately understand and deal with the same issues as our clients. That is why we strive to offer a unique, integrated and entirely tailor-made approach to short-term work management.

Cloud based (SaaS) web application

Sinch is a web-based application that gives you the power to easily manage any temporary work for any industry.

No need of installation, maintenance or updates. Just log in and manage your data from any device any time. All data is secured and backed up.

  • A complex support system for your core business process.

    Sinch takes care of everything regarding staff and order management.

  • Shift planning has never been easier.

    Sinch offers an extensive adjustability of settings and a complete overview of all workers in real time.

  • Invoicing, billing, and wages at the click of a button.

    You do not need several different programs. Everything is in one place with sinch.

How Sinch works

All of the essential functions are combined in an all-in-one application which is always available online. We are glad to adapt sinch to meet our clients' needs to ensure the best possible solutions for their company.

Sinch is not only a tool with all features you might ever need, it is a completely new approach how to manage workforce. With Sinch you will get a complex know-how that will save your resources and will keep you ahead of the game from your competitors.

Simplify your work

Sinch is build for any agency providing temporary work force. It’s suitable for various industries.

It will simplify work to anyone who has to deal with large numbers of workers and needs to keep track of attendances, locations, times, skills, and costs of their workers.

Suitable for

For any short-term employment agencies and companies of all sizes.

Do not let routine administration work overwhelm you!
Make it easier, do it with Sinch

We are Shameless and this is our story

Prague Crewing

"Managing more than 1,000 workers at 3,000+ events per year would normally be job for 20 people. With Sinch, we manage everything with 3 coordinators! Thanks to Sinch, we become the no.1 stagehand provider in Czech Republic."

Matěj Štěpán, CEO Shameless
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