Unique system for short-term work organization.
Perfect application for any staff management.
Built with entertainment industry needs in mind.


We have been developing Sinch for years
and it really works!

If you don’t know what a crew management solution is yet, this is the right time to find out.

It supports your core business processes in a way you wouldn’t believe.

  • Even the most complicated orders are neatly sorted out in Sinch.
  • Shift planning has never been easier. Sinch provides a complete overview of all your teams in real time.
  • Painless billing and payroll with a click of a button.

No more spreadsheets or sticky notes.

Make it easier, make it in Sinch.

Improve Service

Get your staff for an event in a few easy steps while tracking performance, skills, experience, punctuality and payments. No more double data entry.

Save Time

Save up to 90% of your time. Reduce time and resources required to complete your job, find staff and finish billing and wages processing. No more wasted hours.

Boost Possibilities

Sinch automatizes all everyday processes from creating orders to final invoicing. No more routine work, time for real business.

Accessible on every device

Sinch lives in the cloud

This means that your data is always accessible, continuosly backed up and securely encrypted.

Case study

Thanks to Sinch the Shameless company has become the no. 1 stagehands provider in the czech republic.

Shameless on Sinch
  • 2.500+ events/year
  • 1.000+ active workers
  • 180.000 hours/year
  • Only 3 coordinators


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Meet the team

Aiming for the right sinch experience,
flawless operation and friendly usability, here we are.

David Suslik
Founder, CEO

CFO Shameless
Prague Roxy Venue Technical director
Petr Jaroš
Founder, CTO

CTO Shameless
Full-stack developer
Evžen Zommer

Entertainment industry sales and business Development manager
Miguel Hadelich
Board Member

Head of US operations
VP Enterprise Music Group