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All core business data in one place

Track your workers, clients and events. All integrated and accessible for everyone as needed.

Adopt our rapid hiring process

Hiring was never this easy. App‘s know-how will do it instead of you.

Manage high volume data extremely easy

System is built for maintaining thousands of workers, clients and orders. Everything on the right place for you.


Quick overview of the most important features you can find in the app.
From the very basic, to the most complex.

Create complex jobs and set them up all at once, then watch workers fill in you positions

Job manager is a powerful tool that allows you to create any kind of work position with specific requirements from small one time events to big festivals with large number of shifts and locations.

Job manager is the core feature of the app, learn more by requesting the demo access. Create a position according to your preferences.

Keep an eye on your workers in one coherent platform

Worker's profile contains all necessary information. From basic personal data to more descriptive attributes, badges and statistics. Attributes are custom fields which you can add to track the skillset of workers. Attributes are filled by workers themselves, so no need to dig the information one by one; workers will fill them for you.

Badges are automatically added as worker progresses in the application. You can set various badge behaviours to track and divide workers into desired skill and experience groups. Badges are one of the tools how to gamificate the entire process.

Create a job and watch workers filling it up for you

If you set up the job right and by your and client's requirements, you can simply watch your job filling in by qualified workers.

Workers have complete overview of the job, number of shifts, location, wage and job requirements. If any change is made during the shift planning, all workers are automatically notified.

Manually assign workers to shifts

If you do not want the workers to fill in the position you can lock the shift and add your prefered workers manually. By using the intuitive attendance manager, controlling hundreds of workers will be simple.

Attendance manager is aware of any overlapping shifts and worker's recommended breaks. User interface is built to provide you maximal comfort when managing workers.

Leave the heavy lifting to your crewbosses

Crewboss is able to close the shift by writing down the actual hours every worker spent on the job as well as track if the worker was late or absent.

All you have to do is verify the information provided by the crewboss and approve prices and wages which were automatically calculated based on hours, pricelists and wagelists.

The process of order completion is fast, easy and transparent for you as well as workers and clients.

Get an idea about your business activities

By using the Sinch app your whole core business is in one place. All data is easily accessible and various reports can be made.

These statistics can help you improve your service quality and prevent dangerous and unpredictable situations. Keep an eye on your data!


leading Czech stagehands company
hostess agency
major Hungarian stagehands company

Meet the team

David Suslik
sales director
Main pusher and business manager.
Always knows what to do and focuses on the important stuff.
Petr Jaroš
technical director
Creative and innovative.
Aiming for the right app experience and usability.
Jan Pešek
lead programmer
Precise and ultimate programmer.
Every line of his code is a symphony playing.


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