How Sinch works

Sinch automatizes all everyday processes from creating orders to final invoicing. Orders, workers recruitment, billing and payroll all happen in an all-in-one single application. No need of installation, maintenance or updates. Just log in and manage your data from any device any time.
All various industries covered

List of application features

  • Data export
  • Customizable login page
  • Hiring referral system
  • Availabilities
  • Notifications
  • Job statistics
  • Financial statistics
  • Multiple languages
  • Customizable attributes
  • Worker calendar synch
  • Approvable worker attributes
  • Certificate expiration check
  • Customizable emails & newsletters
  • Force-read legal updates
  • Tags
  • Badges
  • Google map integration
  • Price list
  • Wage list
  • Transportation module
  • Attendance check
  • Price quotes
  • Invoices
  • Pro forma invoices
  • Credit notes
  • Due date reminder
  • Extended application settings
  • Worker feedback
  • Rating system
  • Banlists
  • To-do lists
  • Content management
  • Orders, jobs & appointments
  • Workers & companies overview
  • Contracts & payouts
  • Activity overview
  • Overlapping attendance check
  • … and more

Hostess/Model profile in admin mode

Stagehand/Crew profile in admin mode

Sinch lives in the cloud. Your data is always accesible, continuously backed up, and securely encrypted.

Sinch app image

Tutorial – User Profile Sign-up

Tutorial – Updating the User Profile

We all share the same problems, so why not the same solutions?

A complete solution for short-term work organization.

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Exports and imports
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