Sinch welcomes Eventcare!

news March 9, 2020

The First quarter of 2020 is huge for us! We are welcoming the next company onboard – Eventcare BV from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Eventcare is an all-round event-production studio based in Amsterdam with a 360-degree approach to providing services. Established in 2016, Eventcare was formed by a team that saw room to improve the level and quality of events and decided to do so. Young, enthusiastic and with a fresh perspective on which values really mattered in the event experience, Eventcare set out to become a relevant brand in the music-, art-, business-to-business- and cultural industry all around the world.

Eventcare consists of three branches, each responsible for a separate part of the process: Concepts – the sketch, Productions – the plan and Crew – the team. These branches can provide services separately, but also work together on various projects Eventcare takes on as a whole.

Eventcare – the sketch, the plan, the team.

From now on, Eventcare will be running on Sinch App!